"A needed addition to the Maryland equine industry list of literary resources. The book that Kathleen Tabor & Jan Berlage have developed will be useful in numerous settings and would be a welcome addition to law offices, classrooms, and equine stables across the State. By developing this book they are supplying their research and expertise to others interested in Maryland equine and the law that impacts them."

J. Robert "Rob" Burk

COO, United States Eventing Association, Inc.

Past Executive Director; USDA - Research , Education, and Economics Advisory Board Office

Past Executive Director, Maryland Horse Industry Board

"Whether you are an experienced equine attorney, long time horse owner, or someone trying to learn about the business, this book will provide you with a great deal of valuable information that you are unlikely to find anywhere else, especially in such a well organized format."

George H. Else, Attorney-At-Law

​Equine Dispute Solutions, LLC

A Legal Guide to Horse Ownership & Activities 


"Kathleen Tabor is a lifelong, hands-on horsewoman as well as an accomplished attorney. Her expertise in both areas is apparent on every page of "Maryland Equine Law." This book is an excellent resource guide and covers a whole range of legal, financial and practical issues that confront every equestrian. The volume is not only packed with useful information, but includes sample agreements that all those who are involved in the horse community need to keep at their fingertips."

Ross Peddicord

Publisher; Author; and
current Executive Director of the Maryland Horse Industry Board, Department of Agriculture

"I strongly recommend this book to any equine business owner or enthusiast interested in protecting their horses or equine business. For those just getting into the industry, it outlines the legal aspects of starting a new business, and gives the framework needed to realize that dream. The sample documents let readers see what information is necessary to have a clear and concise understanding of the parameters that need to be addressed within the document."

​Pam Saul, Farm Manager

Rolling Acres Farm, Inc. and Rolling Acres Show Stables, Inc.

Owner, Farm & Equine Business Services, LLC